Tiderium Technologies Inc.

Tiderium Technologies Inc. is a Pittsburgh-based information technology service provider, supplying a broad range of IT solutions to organizations of all sizes. Some of our specialities include:

Our staff have extensive experience with a broad range of computing platforms and operating systems, including Windows, and Unix platforms of many flavors (including Solaris, FreeBSD, and Linux, to name but a few).

We'd love the chance to talk with you about your information technology needs, and to discuss how we can work with you to make your computing and networking envrionment the best it can possibly be.

We also offer for sale a number of Software and Consumer Media products. Click here for information.

Contact Us:

Tiderium Technologies Inc.
1739 E. Carson Street #359
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Phone: (412) 657-3787
E-mail: sales@tiderium.com